Your bespoke Senturion Key

Senturion offers bespoke customization options, including the opportunity for supercar owners to commission their own one of a kind piece. It’s possible to reflect your supercar’s appearance, including colour scheme, leathers and stitching in a completely bespoke Senturion Key, making it totally unique. Please book an appointment at our showroom to discuss personalization options.

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Custom 1/1 pieces start at £150,000

Precious stones

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Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre Senturion

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We are dedicated to crafting each Senturion to perfection. Over 70 hours are spent on the creation of a single statement piece, with the world’s leading experts involved in every stage of the process, from underwater spark erosion to the precision laser-cutting to a thousandth of a millimetre.

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Every one-in-a-billion Senturion key is delivered in a custom Senturion orb which may be engraved with a personalised dedication message.


Every Senturion Key can be custom engraved with your name, initials or message.

As part of our bespoke projects, Senturion can create larger collections celebrating special occasions.

David Luiz with his bespoke rose gold and black diamond senturion