Craftsmanship of the highest order

There are no off-the-shelf parts, from every S blade screw, to the tightening of the deployment clasp, every piece is handcrafted to perfection.

After 70 hours of production and inspection by our entirely British-based assembly line, a perfect Senturion Key is ready to be delivered to supercar owners.


After each hand-cast frame has been moulded, finished to the precision of one ten-thousandth of a micron by five-axis computer numerical control (CNC), every flawless stone is set by hand by our master jewellers.

The carbon composite core, visible on the sides of every Senturion Key, is created using a fifteen-tonne press and is then augmented with electron- welded wings.

Every clasp is made out of solid titanium and undergoes PVD-coating in an ultra-high vacuum chamber using the technique applied to Formula 1 pistons, to create high tolerance micro parts.


Senturion has set several world records in compact micro-circuitry, and with over 1000 components, bespoke Obsidian circuits boards produced by Senturion are completed to the precision standards of astronaut equipment.

The technology behind RFID transmission through precious metals has only been achieved by Senturion Key and is a proprietary secret that cannot be revealed.


The asteroid at the core of the Senturion meteorite piece has travelled the universe for an estimated 4.9 billion years, which makes it older than the Earth itself. We proudly feature the most complex meteorite core structure produced in the world to date.

When a star runs out of fuel in the final stages of fusion, it starts creating a very heavy Iron isotope and then explodes into the universe. This meteor then travels the universe for billions of years before colliding with Earth and during its process of slow cooling at zero kelvin, the Widmanst├Ątten etch pattern is created. This kind of pattern cannot be replicated by man and can only be brought out with a chemical etch of Ferric Chloride after it has completed the underwater EDM and 5 axis CNC processes.


The ancient meteorite is something truly spectacular and it deserves to be treated accordingly throughout the entire manufacturing process, which is why the engineers involved in this process are world experts in working with such a rare and spectacular material.

The process begins by spark eroding the heavy meteorite underwater in order to cut it into slices. Once that is done according to the necessary requirements, it is further split into left and right Senturion casings. Only once the casings are put on the CNC machine, does the product start displaying features that make it recognisable as a Senturion.


The parts are machined to the precision of one thousandth of a millimetre and laser polished, before undergoing the chemical etch to expose the Widmanst├Ątten structure. After the machining process has been completed and results examined, verified and impeccable quality is confirmed, the Senturion Key is sent on to our technology department to integrate the keyless entry functionality.

Finally each statement piece receives a finish of black gold and rhodium and is hand assembled by our master jewellers.