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See the SW-C1 with the Bentley Continental GT

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see the S177 with the Bentley Bentayga

Senturion has set several world records in compact micro-circuitry, and with over 1000 components, bespoke Obsidian circuits boards produced by Senturion are completed to the precision standards of astronaut equipment. The technology behind RFID transmission through precious metals has only been achieved by Senturion Key and has been awarded patents in the UK (Car Key Watch - Patent No. GB2584917) and EU (Compact Antenna - Patent No. EP3435479)

Step 1:

You send us a spare working key to your Bentley

Step 2:

Our technical department produces a custom obsidian nano-board that will go into your Senturion that will, from then on, work as the key to your Bentley. Your old key fob is destroyed for security reasons.

Step 3:

We deliver your new Senturion to you, anywhere in the world


Whether you decide to change your existing supercar for another Bentley model, or select a different brand, Senturion will re-program your SW or S177 for a fixed fee of £ 1,950 so you can keep your Senturion statement piece for life.

The SW Senturion
Watch & Bentley

Every SW features a signature #redbutton which controls Bentley lock and unlock functionality

Browse sw models for your Bentley

The S177 Senturion
Key & Bentley

Every S177 features a distinct micro-gear lock/unlock mechanism unique to Senturion

Browse s177 models for your Bentley

If you are interested in selecting a Senturion for a different car brand, such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti or AMG, please click on the relevant brand.